Business Programs

Undergraduates who are interested in business studies may choose to enroll in Bachelor's of Business Administration (BBA) degree programs. BBA students may major in accounting, finance, management, international business, supply chain management and marketing. Coursework will vary in each major. BBA students who train in supply chain management, for example, take a comprehensive approach to the manufacturing system. They may examine part sourcing, retailer coordination and integration for competitive advantage. Finance majors may take general coursework in calculus, statistics, economics, sociology and business administration. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the number of upper-level opportunities in business and management are rich. To become an analyst, consultant, business academic, financial manager or executive, students need to enroll in Master's in Business Administration (MBA) programs, the BLS notes. MBA students at a number of business schools primarily use the case method in their courses. Students receive cases - a type of written overview of a business-related scenario or quandary - and are then asked to play the role of decision-maker. By performing analyses and discussing root causes with their peers, MBA students can use their knowledge of economic and systems theories to determine ideal courses of action.