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There’s no question, the Internet changed the world by providing easy access to a wealth of information. Having the World Wide Web at our fingertips has changed many lives in a variety of ways and especially education. Online learning is a term commonly used to refer to the kind of education provided by online schools available on the Internet. With online access as the main medium of communication, students can pursue a variety of degree paths from certification and diploma programs, to associate and bachelor degrees, and even masters and doctorate degrees.

The ease and convenience that online schools afford became widely popular starting the late 90s. Fast forward to 2011, the number of students taking advantage of online programs has increased considerably. According to a recent study, roughly 60% of the world’s leading companies now use this method of learning to help increase employee competency levels.

Those who are used to the traditional classroom setting may find online learning unconventional at first, but its many advantages make it an attractive option. Online learning allows you to study on your own time and at your desired location. Since you can take virtual classes anywhere an Internet connection is available, online learning provides appealing levels of flexibility. This makes online learning a great option for busy full-time workers who desire completing courses at their own pace. Online classes are easier to manage and do not require working people to put their current careers on hold.

Sometimes, employees are even encouraged by their employers to enroll in an online school to enhance their abilities and uncover their full potential. In the same manner, business owners appreciate certifications and diplomas that ensure a potential employee’s skills and level of training. In fact, an applicant’s certifications and degrees can easily spell the difference between getting the job or not.

Additionally, online learning’s flexibility provides the flexibility for rural or remotely located people to acquire the skills they need to achieve and succeed in their career. Unless you're fortunate enough to live in a town with a good selection of universities, you would most likely have to settle for whatever is available. Enter online education, a whole new horizon of degree paths are now available. The globalization of online education is rapidly growing to the point where eventually people will be able to attend nearly any school in the world from their locale.

This fact also affords you with endless networking opportunities. You can meet and communicate with students and educators around the world. In turn, you benefit from the learning experience and the networking opens the door for job offers not just locally, but even internationally.

These factors make online education greatly appealing not just for young individuals, but also adult learners. From first timers earning a degree, to career shifters, or to the career advancement crowd, online degrees help many individuals achieve more challenging and rewarding career.

Because students do not report to a physical school and they shoulder their own online expenses, online degrees are usually more affordable compared to traditional on-campus courses. This is why more and more students prefer online education to cut costs and save money.

The effectiveness and credibility of online learning has been argued in the past. However, a 2009 U.S. Department of Education study found that students who pursue online courses performed better than those in a traditional classroom setting. This only proves the increasing popularity and success of online learning. By removing the traditional restrictions found in a classroom, online learning literally breaks down walls and opens up a world of opportunity for students all over the globe.