Scholarships & Grant Education Resources

Scholarships & Grant Education Resources

If you are looking for some helpful resources to help you get started on your education, whether looking for an online degree or leaning towards a campus environment, then you've come to the right place. Below is some basic, but essential information to give you a head start on furthering your education.

Financial Aid

The cost of a college education, although worth the investment, may be very expensive for most students. That’s why applying for a financial aid is a necessity for most. The good news is that there are many ways to fund your college education through grants and loans.

So where do you start? The Financial Aid Specialists at most accredited institutions are a great resource for information. They will often tell determine eligibility and amount available in just a few short minutes. They can also share information about any grants or scholarships that may be available for consideration. Whatever your needs, these subject matte experts are a great place to start.

Pell Grants

Pell Grants are monetary support provided by the government to students who need it in order to finance their college education. Each year, eligible students receive a specific amount to help fund their schooling. Recent revisions on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act have allowed a stimulus bill to increase the amount that students get for the Pell Grant from $281 to $400 per credit hour in later years.


A scholarship is another form of financial aid given to students selected by a pre-determined set of criteria. This may be a combination of the applicant’s talents, skills and interests. Examples of scholarship grants include High School/School District Scholarships, Local Scholarships, College-based Scholarships, Corporate Scholarships, Federal Grants and Military Scholarships.

Finding college scholarships often requires great effort. However, persistence pays off when you receive a scholarship grant that can fully fund your education. You can start your search by contacting the school of your interest and submitting your application to attend.

Tuition Assistance

There are several types of tuition assistance programs (TAPs) provided by different organizations. Examples of TAPs include grants awarded by the state to qualified students, Armed Forces TAPs for eligible soldiers, and employer TAPs.

Among these, employer tuition assistance programs are particularly valuable for adult learners who wish to go back to school without giving up their existing careers. Many companies and organizations recognize the importance of investing in their employees by offering tuition assistance programs. Typically managed by the human resource department, the terms of an employer TAP may be different for every company, but the end goals are the same; increase employee competency and encourage loyalty and retention.