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Every person is unique. So just because something works for you, doesn’t mean it’s going to work for someone else too. This is why options are important. Online learning may be the answer to a person’s educational needs, but if you’re looking for something that allows for more human interaction, then campus learning might be your thing. As opposed to online learning, campus learning is a traditional and tested teaching method. Online learning may have several advantages, but campus learning has its own benefits as well.

For starters, a traditional campus setting provides learning opportunities that allow for active communication and interaction. In the classroom, students can easily ask questions and get immediate answers from the instructor. By receiving immediate feedback from professors and fellow students, it will be easier to raise your concerns in real time. Asking questions can even lead to fruitful discussions or even heated debates, which can further enrich the learning experience. These types of interactions need not end inside the classroom. Participating in clubs and study groups can provide you with more venues for enhancing your social skills. Furthermore, some universities include lab activities and field trips in their curriculum to deepen the students’ knowledge and encourage learning beyond the four corners of the classroom.

While online learning allows students to work at their own pace, campus learning follows organized schedules. This works best for individuals who require more structure in their lives. Traditional universities that offer classes based on specific schedules enable students to prepare ahead of time. An organized schedule also teaches you how to manage your time efficiently. With little to no time left for procrastination, a structured schedule encourages you to practice discipline to be able to complete your dream degree.

Another advantage of traditional campus learning is the abundance of competent professors and instructors on campus, ensuring that you are learning from the best. Because of the promise of tenure and stability, more excellent educators are bound to stay loyal to a university. Traditional campus settings also provide students the option to take classes that are best for their particular learning style. Some students learn best through lectures, some prefer free-flowing discussions while some benefit most from visual stimulation. When you attend a university, you get the chance to try out which style works best for you and use it to your advantage.

Studying in a campus is a great way to take advantage of collaborative support. While students from online schools study independently, students on campus enjoy the face-to-face interaction with other students. People you meet in school and who consequently become your companions in the course of your study act as your support group. Often, the people you spend hours of study with are the same people you end up starting businesses with or those who become your lifelong friends. Apart from helping establish solid relationships, networking and candid discussions are greatly beneficial to MBA students.