Best College Majors for Getting a Job after Graduation

Best College Majors for Getting a Job after Graduation

We’ve talked before about the growing concern of the value of a college degree, and the question remains relevant over the past few months, with everyone from Forbes to U.S. News throwing their opinions into the ring. One conclusion that echoes almost unanimously is that a college degree is that a degree is “worth it”… as long as your chosen major yields a high return (salary) on investment (tuition). Huffington Post recently published an article about college degrees with placement rates near 100%. Find out below what degree programs you need to guarantee a job right out of college.


Not surprisingly, accounting majors continue to excel in rankings for both pay and placement rates out of college. Students who become accountants are able to work in almost any industry. These programs typically involve courses like management, finance and economics, in addition to the wide range of accounting classes. Jobs in accounting typically require an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree, along with a certified public accountant (CPA) test. The median salary for accountants is around $61,000 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Anesthesiology Assistant

As the health industry continues to grow rapidly, the demand for anesthesiology assistants is higher than ever before. The supply of these anesthesiology assistants is low, however, due partially to the limited amount of universities offering this degree program. According to Huffington Post, students can expect to graduate from their degree program with a starting salary above $100,000 due to the need for such health care professionals. Classes in this field typically consist of biology, chemistry, physiology and physics.

Physical Therapy/Allied Health

The need for physical therapists is expected to grow by 39% due to the expanding health industry and increase in the elderly population. A Bachelor’s degree and the national licensure examination are the minimum requirements to practice physical therapy, although many students choose to earn their Master’s or doctorate degree. Physical therapy classes include human anatomy, physiology and kinesiology. According to the BLS, physical therapists earn a median salary of $78,270, making this degree a worthwhile investment.

Supply Chain Management

Logistics and supply chain management careers are on the rise, outpacing almost all other business degree programs in the recent years. Companies are increasingly focusing on efficiency, striving to find new ways to reduce costs and increase profits, all while providing exceptional customer service. Supply chain managers usually require a Bachelor’s degree, and can expect to earn $70,800 median salary according to BLS. In addition to supply chain classes, this major typically consists of classes about finance, accounting, management, and international business.